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Milrem LCM is now Milworks


Milrem LCM is now Milworks

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Milworks is the new name for Milrem LCM. The name change supports better the company’s identity and its actual operations. It was also done to avoid any confusion with Milrem Robotics, which is a spin-off from Milrem LCM (now Milworks) in 2017. The companies have different focus, owners and operations, which will now be better signaled through this name change to Milworks. Milrem Robotics keeps the trademark Milrem and will continue with its current name.

Milworks is an Estonia based company focusing on maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of defence materiel and a trusted partner for the Estonian Defence Forces. In Latvia Milworks has a framework contract with Latvian Defence Forces. All the defence and security related customers like police, border guard, rescue service are potential customers to Milworks.

Over the recent years Milworks’ focus has primarily been on military vehicles related MRO services. Milworks has serviced the following military vehicles: Patria XA-180 and XA-188 armoured personnel carrier, CV-9035 infantry fighting vehicle and various soft skin vehicles (different 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 military trucks, bridge laying systems, fuel tankers, military 4×4 vehicles, fire trucks). Milworks also provides MRO services for aggregates, such as engines, gearboxes and axles.

Milworks strategy aims to maintain the market leader position in military vehicles MRO and to expand the market share in new areas, such as weapon systems. Milworks employs 36 persons in Tallinn, Tapa and Voru. It is owned by Patria Group and Mootor Grupp.

“I believe that Milworks will bring more the nature of our MRO focused company. The name comes from the words ‘military’ and ‘works’. The word ‘works’ indicates both the business activity that we’re in and also the quality of our service, that everything works after we have maintained or repaired it. And the colors blue, black and white represent the colours of the flag of Estonia”, says Ingvar Pärnamäe, Managing Director of Milworks.

Milrem LCM is now Milworks
Milrem LCM is now Milworks

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