The Royal Air Force Has Begun Its Latest NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission
The Royal Air Force Has Begun Its Latest NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission

The Royal Air Force Has Begun Its Latest NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission

In addition to supporting the NHS, and other Government departments during the current Covid-19 Pandemic, the Royal Air Force has begun deploying for their latest NATO Air Policing mission.

The RAF Wittering based 2 Mechanical Transport Squadron has begun the task of delivering vital equipment and spares to Lithuania where RAF jets will be based as part of the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission this summer.

As well as contributing to the Government’s COVID-19 Support Force, the Royal Air Force’s commitments to the defence of the United Kingdom and NATO continue. One such commitment is the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission, known by its military name as Operation Azotize.

2MT Squadron’s drivers have been collecting equipment, spares and airfield support vehicles from RAF Stations across the country. The equipment and vehicles are then being prepared and delivered for onward shipment to Lithuania. By the time the jets arrive 2MT Squadron will have moved over 400 tonnes of equipment to Lithuania.

Another of the RAF Wittering based A4 Force units that is deploying is, 5001 Squadron. The squadron is the ground engineering spearhead for the RAF and once in Lithuania, the deploying detachment will build an environmentally controlled storage shelter and ready the existing aircraft shelters for the Typhoons.

Group Captain Jo Lincoln the Station Commander at RAF Wittering and Commanding Officer of the A4 Force Elements said:

To be effective in policing the air, the Royal Air Force needs the logistics and engineering support which the A4 Force Elements provide. We ensure we have the right people and equipment on the ground to sustain the air mission.”

“Everything we’re doing right now to support the government’s COVID-19 operations, we are doing in addition to our normal duties. My team are doing brilliantly. Their normal work in sustaining Defence’s operational output is exemplary, and they are ready to support the Government’s response to COVID-19.”

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