TOS-1A Solntsepyok Multiple Rocket Launcher

TOS-1A Solntsepyok Multiple Rocket Launcher

The TOS-1A Solntsepyok (Blazing Sun) is Russian-made multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon system which is designed for fire support of infantry and tanks, defeating enemy personnel at unconcealed environment and under the shelter in various kinds of offensive and defensive combat action, and also for incapacitation of light armored transport and vehicles. TOS-1A is used in combat formation of supported forces from unconcealed and concealed positions. The TOS-1A is designed and manufactured by the Russian Defence Company JSC of Uralvagonzavod.

The armament of the TOS-1A consists of a block launcher with 24 guide pipes of 220 mm caliber with 3,725 m length for launching unguided missile. The TOS-1A fires an unguided missile via ballistic course after its boosting by solid-fuelled thrust engine. The projectile nose is equipped with special thermobaric explosives. At missile fuse activation at the target area, central initiation – destructive charge destructs thin-walled capsule of the projectile nose and dispenses thermobaric explosives at ground air lair. The TOS-1A uses BM-1 combat vehicle components based on the chassis of the Russian-made T-72 main battle tank. The vehicle is motorized with a V-12 multi-fuel engine V-84-1 developing a power of 840 hp. at 2,000 rpm. The latest version of the TOS-1A uses now the chassis of the T-90 MBT (Main Battle Tank).


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