Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

The DA62 MPP (multipurpose platform) is a new special mission aircraft developed by Diamond Aircraft Industries. Based on the DA62 twin-engine light aircraft, the DA62 MPP is an ideal platform for law enforcement, search-and-rescue (SAR), land and coastal surveillance, disaster management, infrastructure and environmental monitoring missions. Like no other special mission aircraft supplier, Diamond Aircraft has taken its special mission concept into a 360° turnkey solution: one single point of contact. Although aimed primarily towards the civil/commercial market, an MPP version of the DA62 is under development as an ISR platform offering a comprehensive range of sensors, communications and datalink installations. The special mission turnkey solutions comprise a cost-efficient fixed wing remote sensing Diamond Aircraft platform, airborne sensors, data-links, ground stations, global support, spare parts, tooling, transport as well as the corresponding pilot, operator and maintenance training.

Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

Powered by two standard 134kW (180hp) Austro Engine AE330 diesel engines with duel-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) and a single lever operation electronic engine controller unit (EECU), these are fitted with an on-top exhaust system to reduce noise and the heat signature making the aircraft virtually invisible to surface-to-air missiles (SAM), while the composite airframe reduces the radar cross section (RCS). Flown at 80% power with an average ground speed of 315km/h (170kt), the DA62 burns only 15gal/hr. Holding station at 185km/hr (100kt) this reduces to less than 9gal/hr. With a maximum speed of 352km/h (190kt) and service ceiling of 6,100m (20,000ft) it has exceptional range and endurance capable of flying up to 10-hour non-stop missions. It has a payload of up to 710kg (1,565lbs) for crew, mission equipment and fuel while the field proven composite technology allows corrosion-free unlimited airframe lifetime.
Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

The production DA62 MPP will be equipped with Garmin G1000Nxi avionics with fully integrated three-axis GFC700 autopilot. With 10in primary flight and multifunction displays, G1000Nxi incorporates features such as wireless cockpit connectivity, including wireless database updates using Garmin Flight Stream, enhanced situational awareness with SurfaceWatch, visual approaches, and map overlay on the HSI. The DA62 is equipped with the lightweight FLIR Systems Star SAFIRE 380 HD camera, digital line of sight (LOS) bi-directional datalink and beyond line of sight (BLOS) Ku-band SATCOM. It is fitted with the compact Garmin GWX 70 weather radar, UHF and VHF voice communication systems and the observer station is equipped with a Diamond in-house designed ABACUS 2.0 mission computer with a 17in full HD screen. The Carte Nav AIMS-HD situational awareness system is installed on the ABACUS 2.0 with integrated, on-board mission data recording.
Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

The Diamond DA62 is a five to seven seat, twin-engined light aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries and first announced in March 2012. The prototype, designated as the DA52, first flew on 3 April 2012 after six months of development. In June 2014 it was announced the production aircraft would be designated the DA62. The aircraft is available in two weight versions. The “European” version has five seats and a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 1,999 kilograms (4,407 lb), the “US” version has seven seats and a MTOW of 2,300 kilograms (5,071 lb). The lower MTOW of the “European” version is to allow operators to avoid higher weight-based air traffic control user charges. The third row of seating and increased MTOW of the “US” version are available as factory options at extra cost. By April 2019 more than 120 DA62s had been delivered. Diamond Aircraft is now one of Europe’s leading aircraft manufacturers.


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