Zastava NTV 40.13 Infantry Mobility Vehicle

Zastava NTV 40.13 Infantry Mobility Vehicle

The Zastava NTV (Novo Terensko Vozilo, New Terrain Vehicle) is a Serbian 4×4, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle designed by Military Technical Institute Belgrade (MTI) ) and Zastava Kamioni (Zastava Trucs) and manufactured by Zastava TERVO Kragujevac plant. It is designed with modular chassis to transport troops and various equipment quickly on road and off-road. It is designed for performance in mountain, valley, forest, snow, moisture, cold and heat environments, the Zastava NTV is capable of operating at different ambient temperatures ranging from −25–40 °C (−13–104 °F). The Zastava NTV was unveiled in 2011 and the extended cab variant was exhibited during the Partner 2015 International Fair of Armaments and Defence Equipment held in Belgrade, Serbia, in June 2015. Primarily users are Serbian Army and Gendarmery (Serbia) with many potential for export.

Zastava NTV 40.13 Infantry Mobility Vehicle

Zastava NTV 40.13 Infantry Mobility Vehicle

The all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle is based on 4×4 chassis of IVECO Daily commercial van. It was unveiled in 2011 and is available in three configurations, namely 40.13H SUV, 40.13H Extended Cab, and 40.13H Van. Thanks to its modular design it could be equipped as ambulance, workshop, command and control, military communications, military police, transport, reconnaissance, ground and air radar, sound surveillance and armed version. It can tow trailers or light artillery pieces. Front suspension is provided by semi-elliptical leaf springs, while rear suspension is provided by additional rubber springs. The front and rear hydraulic telescopic double-action shock absorbers enhance the ride comfort. The Michelin XZL 255/100 R16 radial tubeless tires provide improved traction on all terrain conditions. The vehicle can be optionally fitted with run-flat tires.
Zastava NTV 40.13 Infantry Mobility Vehicle

Zastava NTV 40.13 Infantry Mobility Vehicle

The Zatava NTV is powered by a four-stroke, four-cylinder, water-cooled, 214kg Cummins ISF 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine equipped with an intake air cooler developing 130 hp. The propulsion system is longitudinally mounted in the front of the cabin. It develops an output power between 80kW and 120kW and a torque between 280nm and 360nm. This military vehicle can be also equipped with other types of engines depending on customer requirements. Engine is couples with ZF 5S400 mechanical gearbox with 5 forward and 1 reverse gears. The engine is compliant with Euro 3 / Euro 4 emission standard and is coupled with manual transmission system, consisting of a single-plate friction clutch and a ZF 5S 400 synchronous mechanical gearbox with five forward gears and one reverse gear.


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