Italian Navy selects Baglietto Navy to produce FCC Combat Boat

Italian Navy selects Baglietto Navy to produce FCC Combat Boat

Baglietto Navy, the military division of historical boat builder Baglietto, based in La Spezia (Italy), has secured a contract for the construction of two Combat Boats (fast assault crafts) in the framework of the tender launched by Fincantieri on behalf of the Italian Navy. These two vessels will be used by the Landing Helicopter Dock(LHD) currently being built by Fincantieri. Unlike the FFC15 – the first aluminium prototype launched by the shipyard in 2016 – the combat boats for the Italian Navy will be built in composite materials (vinyl-ester resin and aramid fibre) and will be fitted with a propulsion featuring two 800 HP engines and surface drives, which will push them to a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots.

Baglietto Navy FCC Combat Boat

Baglietto NavyFCC Combat Boat

The layout and interior equipment of the FFC have been specifically designed for the transportation of troops. The pilot house can host up to 3 crew members, while the interior layout can be optimised depending on the type of mission. Thanks to the use of removable seats, fitted with special shock absorbers, the troop compartment can seat up to 22 soldiers. The interior superstructure will be shaped to allow for the installation in the troop compartment and in the pilot house of armoured panels ensuring protection against 7.62 NATO calibre. Forward, a two-section hatch allows for easy landing, troop disembarkation, and sea rescue operations. As regards the combat boat’s armament, a 12.7 mm remote control turret will be installed on the deckhouse.
Baglietto Navy FFC15 Boat

Baglietto Navy FFC15 Boat

The Italian military has played a great role in the creation of Baglietto’s history, from the historical “MAS” vessels (torpedo armed motorboats) built during World Wars I and II to the recent patrol vessels for the Italian Finance Police. Starting from the First World War, research and development activity for this sector has greatly contributed to the brand’s prestige, rapidly propelling it into its role as key player in the market. The long collaboration with the Italian and other International Navies has allowed the shipyard to get competences and a wide technical patrimony that today Baglietto wants to revive in a perspective of contemporary military applications.
Baglietto Navy FCC Combat Boat

Baglietto Navy
FCC Combat Boat


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