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Raytheon Standard Missile-3 support complex NATO exercise


Raytheon Standard Missile-3 support complex NATO exercise

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Raytheon Company missiles played vital roles in the Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO military exercise called Formidable Shield 2019, which took place off the coast of Scotland and included scenarios of no-notice target launches. During the event, the Standard Missile-3 was fired at a simulated target. Raytheon’s Standard Missile-2 and Evolved SeaSparrow Missile engaged targets simulating anti-ship cruise missiles. The real-world training exercise enabled Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States to improve interoperability and practice defeating threats in a live environment.

“Exercises such as Formidable Shield 2019 provide an opportunity to demonstrate effective collaboration in the battlespace,” said Dr. Mitch Stevison, Raytheon Strategic and Naval Systems vice president. “Raytheon missiles and naval defense systems offer a trusted shield of protection for the military assets of the United States and its allies.”

The SM-3® interceptor is used by U.S. and Japanese navies and is operational at a land-based site in Romania. The SM-2â„¢ and ESSM® missiles provide layered defense for the U.S. and allied navies. The interceptor uses sheer force, rather than an explosive warhead, to destroy its target. Its “kill vehicle” hits threats with the force of a 10-ton truck traveling 600 mph. This technique, referred to as “hit-to-kill,” has been likened to intercepting a bullet with another bullet.

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