UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

The UVision Hero-400EC is an innovative all-electric precision Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) guided, man-in-the-loop Loitering Munition system that can locate, track and strike static and moving targets with high accuracy and surprise. With these precision strike capabilities, a large multi-purpose warhead and extended endurance, the Hero-400EC has been proven effective against a wide variety of targets. UVision is an unmanned air system developer based in Israel. They specializes in the development and manufacturing of loitering weapons, a product line that merges the capabilities of guided weapons and unmanned systems, that have raised increased interest in recently.

UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

The Hero-400EC loitering system can be launched from a launch rail or a modular multi-tube canister, which can be deployed aboard land, air and sea platforms. It is recovered using a parachute recovery system. The Hero-400EC’s guidance assembly integrates a seeker with remote sensors and global positioning system (GPS) to engage static or moving targets with high precision. The seeker guides the weapon towards the designated targets in terminal phase, while the GPS provides target acquisition, positioning and navigation information both before and after launch. A stabilised electro-optic / infrared (EO / IR) payload unit housed in the nose section is intended to detect and track objects.
UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

The weapon is armed with a large, multi-purpose, tandem, high-explosive warhead weighing 10kg. The warhead offers improved penetration and high-precision terminal engagement accuracy with minimum collateral damage. It also offers high lethality against a variety of targets. The munition has the ability to engage targets autonomously or in man-in-the-loop mode. In the autonomous mode of operation, the weapon travels along a predetermined flight path using onboard GPS sensors.In the man-in-the-loop mode, the weapon is remotely controlled by a single operator from the ground station through an advanced integrated line-of-sight data link. When the mission is aborted, the munition can automatically re-enter the loitering mode to engage another target or return to its control station using a parachute.
UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

UVision Hero-400EC Loitering System

The Hero-400EC loitering system powered by a quiet electrical motor, the Hero-400EC extended-range loitering system can engage targets from a maximum altitude of 18,000ft. The Hero-400EC loitering munition has a length of 2.1m, wing span of 2.4m and maximum take-off weight of 40kg. Its nose section incorporates guidance and warhead systems. The mid-section of Hero-400EC features four fixed-planar wings in cruciform configuration, which provides increased lift and manoeuvrability. Equipped with four tail fins, the tail assembly improves aerodynamic performance of the weapon.
Deployable wings allow the weapon to execute attack mission in any angle of attack with pinpoint strike capabilities. The precision-guided weapon can fly at speeds ranging from 50kt to 150kt and remain in air for up to 120 minutes.


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