Rafael Sky Spotter

Rafael Sky Spotter

The Sky Spotter is an advanced passive early warning electro optical (EO) system sensor for real-time airspace monitoring, early detection and accurate tracking of aerial objects, including drones, aircraft, UAV’s, etc. It features advanced algorithms for automation, image processing and artificial intelligence. The Sky Spotter is a vital component for air situational awareness or for standalone AS&W for force protection and support for C-UAS/GBAD systems. The Sky Spotter system, built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has been in operation along the Gaza border.

Rafael Sky Spotter

Rafael Sky Spotter

The Sky Spotter’s detection sensors are reinforced with NFOV multispectral investigation sensors which are pointed at the target by early detection of the WFOV/radar or by a team member’s slaving request. Operators can manage up to 4 sensors simultaneously, each with two channels. Originally developed to counter small drones, Sky Spotter can track aircraft and pinpoint their location. The Sky Spotter provides passive sensing, detection, tracking and identification of aerial targets. It remains unaffected by classic radar challenges: multipath, clutter, background, EW & CM, low RCS-stealthy targets. It enables multiple targets to engage, track and manage multiple targets simultaneously.


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