Rafael Armor Shield

Rafael Armor Shield

Rafael is a leading company in the development, design and application of Passive, Reactive and Hybrid Armor systems, to enhance the protection level of combat platforms. The system designs are based on the state of the art lightweight protection technologies that have been fielded for over thirty years, by the IDF, US forces, NATO countries, peacekeeping units and other customers worldwide. RAFAEL’s combat-proven add-on armor protection solutions, have used over 30 years to protect land forces effectively.

Rafael Armor Shield P Combined Reactive and Passive Elements

Rafael Armor Shield P Combined Reactive and Passive Elements

Designed to absorb energy of threats and prevent perforation, the Armor Shield P system add-on armor enhances protection against projectiles, artillery and IED fragments. The modular, lightweight Armor Shield P system can be quickly installed or removed according to the mission.Rafael has developed and customized various types of passive armor technologies – ceramic, metallic and composite, as well as shaped, spaced and laminated configurations for combat vehicles according to customer needs. Operational in temperature extremes, the armor modules have been tested to ensure the protection level is not degraded after armor modules are subjected to harsh environments.
Rafael Armor Shield R Combined Reactive and Passive Elements

Rafael Armor Shield R Combined Reactive and Passive Elements

The Armor Shield R system has been adapted for light armored wheeled and tracked vehicles. The design of the add-on armor is based on Rafael’s modules for the US Bradley, using the same concept and technology to defeat incoming threats. Armor Shield R combines reactive and passive elements to defend against a wide range of threats such as anti-tank rockets at 360°, small arms 30 mm, 25 mm, 14.5 mm AP projectiles, high speed fragments of artillery, mortar, and high explosive IED and EFP roadside mines. The systems have been tested and approved for use by the Israel Defense Forces, the U.S. Army, and other customers worldwide.


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