Milkor MN Centurion Interceptor

Milkor MN Centurion Interceptor

The MN Centurion Interceptor is a long-endurance high-speed interceptor boat with lightweight composite structure and a reduced radar signature. The interceptordesigned and manufactured by South African defence solutions provider Milkor to serve the requirements of the military and coast guard forces. The MN Centurion is suited for multi-role missions, including maritime patrol, surveillance, asset protection, counter-piracy, search-and-rescue (SAR). It can be configured to perform unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and personnel transport and deployment roles. It was officially launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2018 international aerospace and defence exhibition held at Air Force Base Waterkloof, Centurion, South Africa, in September 2018.

The Milkor high-speed interceptor craft is a 12m stepped hull, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran design with lightweight composite structure and a reduced radar signature. Designed and configured for multi-role operations, it is ideally suited for long endurance missions. The command and control bridge is shock-mitigated, ballistic-protected and airconditioned able to house the crew in safety and comfort. The high-speed interceptor craft houses an array of surveillance equipment, communications equipment and weapons giving it a full spectrum of capabilities for any inshore or offshore operation. Milkor designs, manufactures and offers after sales service for Naval and Commercial requirements.

Milkor MN Centurion Interceptor

Milkor MN Centurion Interceptor

It is fitted with a 40mm AGL by ST Kinetics (under a stealth cupola) at the bow and a secondary 20mm RWS. It is also armed with a 20mm remotely operated stabilised weapon station and up to four optional radar guided missiles to defeat enemy targets. With ballistic protection and armoured glass, the crew is able to remain secure under threat allowing full attentiveness to the mission. The vessel can also be configured to operate as an Unmanned Surface Vehicle. The command and control bridge houses world class communications and surveillance equipment, along with its reduced radar signature hull, giving this craft the advantage for surveillance patrol, counter-piracy, and asset protection missions.

The vessel has a length of 12 meters, a beam of 4;8 meters and a displacement of 10 tons. The MN Centurion catamaran comes with two propulsion options, either two 440hp diesel inboard engines or two 350hp outboard engines. It can reach a top speed of 54 knots. The typical cruise speed of the vessel is from 30k to 40k. The boat has a maximum range of approximately 700nm and carries a large fuel tank with a storage capacity of 2,400kg. It can also hold up to 500l of freshwater. It remains the heart of this craft providing the comfort of an airconditioned shock-mitigated cabin for rough conditions. The vessel is capable of operating under rough sea conditions for up to five days.

Milkor MN Centurion Interceptor

Milkor MN Centurion Interceptor


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