XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

The XRGL40 is specifically designed as a lightweight, individually operated, shoulder fired, extended range grenade launcher system. The various ammunition options allow the operational commander extreme flexibility in tactical offensive and defensive application in all theatres of operation.
Can fire all listed ammunition types without any mechanical changes to the launcher. Rippel Effect’s range of reflex sighting system, specifically designed for 40mm grenade launchers (40mm MGL) enhances increased first hit probability and accuracy.

XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

The XRGL40 Extended Range Grenade Launcher is certified to fire both Low- and Medium Velocity 40mm grenades, as well as less-lethal riot /crowd control ammunition from the same launcher with no configuration changes. The weapon offers pinpoint accuracy at 250 meters and has an extended range capability of up to 800 meters. A range of lethal- and non-lethal ammunition can be loaded and offers elite-, infantry- and law enforcement units a combat proven weapon to gain tactical superiority.
XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

It was reported last year that Energetics Technologies (ETL) of the UK had become the latest ammunition manufacturer to use Rippel Effect’s XRGL40 launcher to develop a 40mm medium velocity (MV) grenade. Other ammunition developers that used the XRGL40 were Diehl BGT Defence, Rheinmetall-Denel Munition and Indumil of Colombia, while STK of Singapore and Atlantis Corporation of South Africa both now certify their extended range low velocity grenades with the XRGL40.
XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

Rippel Effect is a South African privately owned military equipment and systems manufacturer. The company has been supplying a range of own designed grenade launchers, sighting and observation systems, and accessories to defense and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Since 1995 Rippel Effect have built a solid reputation for the supply and long-term support of products to the world market, along with training in our respective client countries. All the Rippel Effect products are manufactured to comply with the latest stringent military (NATO) standards.
XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL

XRGL40 Extended Range 40mm MGL


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