AW109M military multi-role helicopter

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

The Leonardo (formerly Agusta Westland) AW109 Military (AW109M) is a proven, cost effective, multi-role helicopter already in service with several Armed Forces around the world. The AW109M developed from the AW109 for military use. A wide range of mission equipment, including internal and external weapon systems, combined with outstanding flight performance, enables the AW109M to accomplish missions in the harshest environments. The AW109M benefits from an extensive global network of customer support. Leonardo also offer state-of-the-art training to enhance pilots’ performance and to maximize safety. The aircraft compact external dimensions enhance maritime operations and assure C-130 aircraft class transportability.

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

• Up to two pintle-mounted 7.62 mm machine guns
• 12.7 mm machine gun
• 12.7 mm rifle External Armaments
• 12.7 mm Machine-gun Pod (250 or 400 rounds)
• 70 mm rocket launchers(7 or 12 tubes)
• Rocket-Machine gun Pod(3 rkts/70mm, 250 rds/12.7 mm)
• Laser Guided Rockets (LGR)

Proven instruments with LCD displays providing low workload for Single/Dual Pilots operations under VFR/IFR rules.
Leading features
• Pilot/co-pilot LCD EADI/EHSI instruments
• AFCS 3-axis duplex
• Flight director & autotrim
• CVR/FDR (Cockpit Voice & FlightData Recorder)
• Moving map
• NVG compatibility
• VHF-COM/NAV radios
• VHF/FM radio
• VHF/UHF – AM/FM radio

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

The AW109M provides battlefield commanders with highly effective multirole capability to conduct a diverse range of primary and secondary missions.
• Armed reconnaissance
• Escort and fire support
• Tactical troop transport
• Command and control
• SAR and Medical Evacuation
• Commando insertion

Designed for operations in harsh maritime environment, the AW109M provides maritime commanders with outstanding mission flexibility, to perform a wide range of tasks.
• Armed reconnaissance
• Maritime counter piracy
• Surface surveillance
• SAR and Medical Evacuation
• Utility support
• Ferry VIP

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

AW109M military multi-role helicopter

The AgustaWestland AW109 is a lightweight, twin-engine, eight-seat multi-purpose helicopter built by the Italian manufacturer Leonardo S.p.A. (formerly AgustaWestland, merged into the new Finmeccanica since 2016). The rotorcraft had the distinction of being the first all-Italian helicopter to be mass-produced. Developed as the A109 by Agusta, it originally entered service in 1976 and has since been used in various roles, including light transport, medevac, search-and-rescue, and military roles. The AW109 has been in continuous production for 40 years. The AgustaWestland AW119 is a derivative of the AW109, the main difference being that it is powered only by a single engine.


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