USS McCampbell and HMS Argyll

U.S. Navy, British Royal Navy joint drills in the South China Sea

Two of the most powerful navy in the world — the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) — on January 16 finished it six-day joint drills in the disputed South China Sea. The two countries conducted communication drills, division tactics and personnel exchange from January 11 to 16. The Arleigh-Burke guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell (DDG 85) and the Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll (F231) were used by the U.S. and UK respectively. At sea, McCampbell and Argyll conducted drills and develop relationships that will benefit both navies for many years to come.

USS McCampbell and HMS Argyll maneuver during a divisional tactics exercise.

USS McCampbell and HMS Argyll maneuver during a divisional tactics exercise.

“We routinely train with regional allies and partners, but it is a rare opportunity for my team to work with the Royal Navy,” said Cmdr. Allison Christy, McCampbell’s commanding officer. “Professional engagement with our British counterparts allows us the opportunity to build upon our existing strong relationships and learn from each other.” “Following on from our successful time in North East Asia, contributing to promoting regional security and prosperity, we are pleased with the opportunity to train alongside our closest ally,” said Cmdr. Toby Shaughnessy, Argyll’s commanding officer.
USS McCampbell (DDG-85)

USS McCampbell (DDG-85)

USS McCampbell (DDG-85) is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the United States Navy. She is named in honor of Naval Aviator Captain David S. McCampbell, a Medal of Honor and Navy Cross recipient who was the Navy’s leading ace in World War II. This ship is the 35th destroyer of her class. Argyll is currently deployed to the Indo-Pacific in support of regional security and stability. The third and current HMS Argyll is a Type 23 ‘Duke’ Class frigate. She is currently the oldest serving Type 23 frigate in the Royal Navy. Like all of her class she is named for a British dukedom, in this case that of Argyll.
HMS Argyll (F231)

HMS Argyll (F231)

The cooperative deployment follows a trilateral anti-submarine warfare exercise between the U.S. Navy, Royal Navy, and Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Dec. 21-22. The U.S. Navy regularly flies, sails, and operates with allies and partners, both bilaterally and multilaterally to promote security and stability throughout the region. McCampbell is forward deployed to the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations in support of security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.


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