Saab Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radar systems

Saab Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radar systems

Saab’s multi-function Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radars have been in operation with the UK armed forces since 2007, contributing both to force protection through the detection of incoming rockets, artillery shells and mortars and to air situational awareness and air defence on operations and at public events. The UK’s fleet of land-based Giraffe AMB, the largest in the world, has been upgraded to the latest build standard, with features including Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Mode 5 and integration with the Link 16 data network. The radars will support the Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) as part of the future Sky Sabre system. Giraffe AMB delivers key capabilities as part of short- and medium-range surveillance and Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD). It integrates powerful 3D surveillance radar and C3 functionality in one and the same system and provides forces with swift understanding of the air situation, enabling immediate and effective response to changing threats, new tactics, and shifting operational conditions.

Giraffe Agile Multi Beam is a passive electronically scanned array radar, providing multi-beam 3-Dimensional air coverage at 5.4 to 5.9 GHz with instrumented ranges of 30 km (19 mi), 60 km (37 mi) and 100 km (62 mi), the altitude coverage is extended from ground-level to 20,000 metres (66,000 ft) with 70-degree elevation coverage. Data rate is 1-scan per-second. Its maintained pulse density suppresses high cluttering in adverse weather conditions. Ultra-low antenna side-lobes combined with pulse-to-pulse and burst-to-burst frequency agility provides some resistance to jamming. As in previous Giraffe radars automatic hovering helicopter detection is provided as is a rocket, artillery and mortar locating function, allowing the radar to detect incoming rounds and give 20 seconds or more of warning before impact. Giraffe AMB is the principal sensor of the Swedish RBS 23 BAMSE air defense missile system but is available for many other applications. The Giraffe AMB can be delivered with ground surveillance options fitted. A skilled crew can deploy the radar in around 10 minutes and recover it in around 6 minutes.

Saab Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radar systems

Saab Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radar systems

In combat situations, event protection operations or other tense situations, real-time information is critical for protecting forces against threats from the air. When every second counts, the Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) surface radar provides the information and time needed for protecting both people and assets.
Covers the entire search volume every second
Provides engagement-quality Recognized Air Picture (RAP) target data
Combat-proven 24/7 capability with more than 150,000 h in full operation
Full mission flexibility through unparalleled support services
High degree of interoperability and is designed for low and predictable cost of ownership

Integrated medium- and short-range GBAD systems are supported in multiple simultaneous engagements. The Giraffe AMB can classify and track fixed wing, helicopter, surface, jammer and ballistic targets. The Giraffe AMB medium-range 3D radar surveillance system is an ideal gap filler that provides airspace commanders with the capabilities needed for maintaining continuous and accurate air situational awareness. It is a mobile deployable or fixed asset for air surveillance that can be operated remotely or locally with the ability to provide a networked air picture. Giraffe AMB allows for standard or customised data link integration. By combining a true multi-mission radar system and powerful C3 system Giraffe AMB delivers an accurate air picture with high update rate and highly automated functions for planning, threat evaluation, weapon assignment and target distribution. Everything the commander responsible for GBAD needs for safeguarding people and assets. Giraffe AMB can detect fast missiles and small UAVs even in high-clutter environments and offers flexible integration of weapon systems and tactical data links. The system is fully self-contained with all support systems and C3, highly mobile and deploys in less than 10 minutes.

Saab Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radar systems

Saab Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) radar systems


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