Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps

Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps

The Pakistan Army Air Defence Command, (Army Defence Command, abbreviated as (II)ADC), is an active military administrative combatant staff corps of the Pakistan Army and a major combative formation tasked with air defences of the country from foreign threats. The Corps is stationed and headquartered at the Chaklala Army Cantonment in Rawalpindi, Punjab Province of Pakistan. The command was formed following military exercises where Pakistan’s military learned of its weakness in providing air cover over a moving battlefield.

Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps

Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps

The Pakistan Army Air Defence Command consists of a total of five military divisions spread across two geographic districts; one tasked with air defence of the northern region of Pakistan headquartered in Lahore and the other with the southern region commanded from Quetta. Army Air Defence has its own school named as School of Army Air Defence (SAAD).

As Army Air Defence is a dynamic arm and it has to keep pace with the fast changing technology and ever increasing/changing air threat. Therefore, a “New Air Defence Concept” based on re-organization of Air Defence Units, selective modernizations and induction of new weapons and equipment was evolved. The same was presented at various forums and modified in the light of recommendations by various headquarters/ organization. As a result of extensive mutual discussions, exhaustive staff work followed by field trails of proposed organizations, the same was approved in October 2003.


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