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UVision HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems


UVision HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems

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With advanced deployment, target acquisition and attack capabilities, UVision‘s unique Hero line of loitering munitions systems can loiter above a target and strike precisely when the opportunity arises, even if the target appears for only an instant. The smart loitering systems’ unique cruciform aerodynamic configuration enables beyond line-of-sight capabilities and high levels of maneuverability. Featuring complete connectivity to existing C4 systems, Hero’s advanced datalink and real-time intelligence deliver up-to-the-minute situational awareness to all military echelons – from the individual soldier to central command – for tactical, operational and strategic targets.

UVision HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems
UVision HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems

UVision’s HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems is an all-inclusive loitering munition solution designed to meet the complex requirements of the modern battlefield. Tailored to meet specific customer requirements, HERO incorporates a wide range of advanced, cost-effective technologies to enable high-precision terminal engagement with minimal collateral damage.
Suitable for deployment from air, land and sea, HERO features high-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering, depending on the tactical or strategic needs of the mission. Automated flight to target areas allow user-friendly control; final targets are visually selected ensuring full mission control. UVision’s solutions incorporate advanced airborne guidance, a unique cruciform configuration, navigation systems, abort and recovery capabilities, embedded simulators and C4 stations fully integrated with high-speed data links.
UVision HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems
UVision HERO Family Smart Loitering Systems

HERO-20 – manpack, portable short-range tactical loitering system.
HERO-30 – manpack, portable short-range loitering munitions.
HERO-70 – short-range loitering system used primarily for lightweight vehicle targets.
HERO-120 – mid-range loitering system for personnel targets, lightweight vehicles, and antitank missions.
HERO-250 – long-range loitering munition system.
HERO-400 – long-range loitering munition system for strategic targets and for missions where heavy ammunition is involved.
HERO-900 – long-range & highly lethal loitering system for strategic missions.
HERO-1250 – long-range & highly lethal loitering munition system for long-range strategic missions.
HERO-R – man-portable rotary-wing loitering munition intended for use in close-combat situations.

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