Kazakhstan receives new batch of Arlan Armored Wheeled Vehicles (AWV)

Kazakhstan receives new batch of Arlan Armored Wheeled Vehicles (AWV)

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) has carried out the next delivery of “Arlan” armored wheeled vehicles to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Arlan is a multi-role MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected ) type mine-protected armored vehicle. “Arlan” has a high mine protection equivalent to STANAG Level 3 A and 3 B – which is equal to the blast of 8kg in TNT equivalent under each wheel and same under the hull, 50 kg in TNT equivalent at a distance of 5 m. The vehicle can withstand shots from any small arms with 7.62 mm caliber armor-piercing rounds, Dragunov sniper rifle and 12.7 mm caliber NATO standard rounds. As a reminder, the previous batch of vehicles produced was distinguished by the adaptability of the “Arlan” AWV to Kazakhstan conditions: pre-start engine heating in the winter period of operation, an efficient heating system, Kazakhstan radio station, and “Arlan” armored wheeled vehicle was equipped with a combat module to control firing directly from AWV cabin. Kazakhstan production content reached 70%.

Arlan Armored Wheeled Vehicles

Arlan Armored Wheeled Vehicles

New series of “Arlan” AWV of 2018 added a mechanical version of the combat module to the existing managed combat module which allows firing outside the cab of the vehicle behind STANAG-1 level armor, which provides a shooter with effective protection for combat in extreme conditions, in any weather, under large bias towards 360 °. This module is completely developed by the engineers of KPE design office. Also, radiation, chemical and biological protection system (RCB) was introduced into the complex of Kazakhstani armored vehicle, which can meet the challenges of the spread of radiation dust, gas and biological attacks. Filter-ventilation equipment of the vehicle is able to clean the air for several hours. The ergonomics for the crew is improved based on user feedback received and the heating system is modernized.
Arlan Armored Wheeled Vehicles

Arlan Armored Wheeled Vehicles

Along with this, a new batch of “Alan” armored vehicles was delivered to the special services of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which have high ballistic protection, reliable transmission, large capacity, maximum maneuverability for this type of vehicles, can be operated in a wide temperature range and reach speeds of up to 160 km/h. Alan is a multi-role armored wheeled vehicle. Light composite materials used in the structure of armor provide additional protection. It does not affect weight of the vehicle and armored vehicle’s performance characteristics. It was designed to execute various tasks including law enforcement, special forces and SWAT missions, domestic security, border patrolling and elimination of armed conflicts.
Alan Armored Wheeled Vehicles (AWV)

Alan Armored Wheeled Vehicles (AWV)

“Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP is the largest company in Central Asia producing advanced armored wheeled vehicles. The company has an innovative technology that enables it to produce armored vehicles with advanced mine protection capabilities. The manufacturing area of the plant is 13,500 m2. The invested high-tech equipment enables the company to manufacture armored vehicles by fabrication of all hull related components in-house, assemble and integrate all sub systems and deliver tested and commissioned final product. Present production capacity of the plant is 120 vehicles per year and can be increased if the need for higher production is required. The core value of the plant is highly qualified technical personnel.


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