IAB - Infantry Assault Bridge

IAB – Infantry Assault Bridge

The Infantry Assault Bridge (IAB) is a lightweight footbridge for infantry and airborne troops developed by General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS). The bridge modules are made of high-tensile aluminium extrusions and one complete bridge set is qualified to produce a clear span bridge up to 30m. With additional bridge modules and floats, even wider wet gaps can be crossed. Manually launched and retrieved, the IAB is easily transported by hand, truck, fixed or rotary wing aircraft, and also provides a first response capability for civil defense and emergency units.

 IAB - Infantry Assault Bridge

IAB – Infantry Assault Bridge

IAB Unique Performance
Construction of a 30m bridge in approximately six minutes
Easy handling and operation due to robust and simple design
Transport of complete bridge set by light truck: single modules can be hand carried
Air-transportable by helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft
IAB Bridge Set
Considered as one transport unit, an IAB bridge set consists of the following components:
 IAB - Infantry Assault Bridge

IAB – Infantry Assault Bridge

Seven bridge modules and one float
One assembly / disassembly support roller
One transport and protection pallet
Two stretcher adapters
One bridge assembly and anchoring kit
 IAB - Infantry Assault Bridge

IAB – Infantry Assault Bridge

With its robust and lightweight aluminum design, the modular Infantry Assault Bridge (IAB) is easy to handle, making it a perfect piece of equipment for infantry, airborne and special operations forces. As a fast launch/retrieval bridge it contributes to superior mobility when deployed by infantry. The IAB has been used on operations by infantry corps for dry and wet gap crossings. It has proved successful thanks to being air transportable and its rapid manual deployment through the fast launch/retrieval method. Low crew needs along with the ease for long-term storage and being able to be transported by air, together with proven reliability and simple handling, all contribute to low maintenance costs


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  1. Jean Jacques Mudatsikira

    We really appreciate your work! we need to get in touch with you because we have an order of Infantry assault bridge for training purposes.



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