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Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid


Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid

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Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid
Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid

The jTrax Navaid is a product by Airborne Systems that allows military jumpers to conduct missions with long offsets and guide them towards their intended landing area in a reliable and precise way. It is a complete system that ensures guidance of the jumper without the need of any other device. The jTrax Navaid parachute navigation system is a device worn on an army jumper’s harness to aid in navigation to the intended Impact Point (IP).  The technology is the same that is utilized in our Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS), ensuring accurate and proven technology. The Navaid improves safety and increases effectiveness of military jumpers by providing accurate navigation for even the most demanding missions.

The jTrax® Navaid parachute navigation system includes:
one pilot unit
one display screen
one support board or harness
one back-up compass (optional)

Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid
Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid

The jTrax® Pilot Unit has been specifically designed for the military free fall mission. The ruggedized module uses a proven sensor suite derived from the avionics of the Airborne Systems family of Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS). Various adjustable settings allow the user to configure the display based on the experience of the jumpers and the requirements of the mission.

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Durable Display
Three types of screens can be displayed to the jumper:
Jumpmaster screen to be used on the plane to check the progress of the flight toward the release point.
Navigation screen to be used under canopy to guide the jumper towards the landing zone.
Map display of the area below the jumper during the flight under canopy.
Successful, Safe Missions
The jTrax® Navaid parachute navigation system can have one primary target and two alternate landing targets. A push button located on the jTrax® Pilot can be activated with gloves to allow the jumper to rotate through screens and landing areas. The jTrax® Navaid is fully integrated with the jTrax® Mission Planner software developed by Airborne Systems for GPADS and Military Free Fall operations.

Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid
Airborne Systems jTrax Navaid

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