MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

MBDA’s SPECTRE is an air system optimised for delivering effects in demanding operating environments. Designed to be a low cost, on call organic capability for ground forces, it provides rapid close air support at sub-unit level in military organisations. It is intended to navigate, find, fix and track targets with an operator over the loop (OOTL), firing authority always remaining with the human operator. The Spectre system can ‘find and fix’ beyond line-of-sight threats in complex operational environments to assist deployed ground forces. It also incorporates a ‘watch and wait’ mode with a top attack capability effectively giving the Spectre an overwatch/loitering munition utility.

MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

Designed with an integrated modular payload bay capable of incorporating systems up to 25 kg, Spectre can be equipped with either two MBDA Enforcers or a single Missile Moyenne Portee (MMP) multirole weapons system to address light armoured, soft-skinned and unmanned threats, or heavier armoured threats. Spectre’s various mission modules can be replaced by the operator in-theatre, and the system design provides for the integration of new and upgraded modules and technologies and requirements evolve.
MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

As currently envisaged, Spectre will have a cruise speed of 180 km/h, a cruising altitude of less than 100 m, and combat range in excess of 10 km with a flight endurance of more than 60 minutes. The Spectre design provides for two (front and aft) 2 m tilt wings, with four rotor assemblies: one on each wing. The all-up weight of the concept system has not been disclosed. Other features include automatic navigation, operator-over-the-loop command and control (but with firing authority always with the human operator), and anti-jam GPS navigation. Spectre can be used as a single system, or as a scalable co-operative swarming capability.
MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept

MBDA Spectre CUAV Concept


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