K2 Tank Maneuverability Capability

K2 Tank Maneuverability Capability

The Republic of Korea Army K2 Black Panther Main Battle showing off its maneuvrability. The K2 can travel at speeds of up to 70 km/h on road surfaces, accelerate from 0 to 32 km/h within 8.7 seconds, and maintain speeds of up to 52 km/h in off-road conditions. It can also climb 60-degree slopes and vertical obstacles 1.8 meters in height. Due to the relatively compact design of the engine, the designers were able to fit an additional Samsung Techwin gas-turbine engine into the remaining compartment space. This is capable of producing 100 horsepower (75 kW), and intended to act as an auxiliary power unit with which the tank may power its on-board systems when its main engines are turned off. It will also allow the tank to conserve fuel when idling and minimise the vehicle’s thermal and acoustic signatures.

K2 Tank Maneuverability Capability

K2 Tank Maneuverability Capability

The Black Panther fields an advanced suspension system, called the In-arm Suspension Unit (ISU), which allows for individual control of every bogie on the tracks. This allows the K2 to “sit”, “stand” and “kneel”, as well as “lean” towards one side or a corner. “Sitting” gives the tank a lower profile and offers superior handling over roads. “Standing” gives the vehicle higher ground clearance for maneuverability over rough terrain. “Kneeling” augments the angular range in which the tank’s gun barrel can elevate and depress, allowing the vehicle to fire its main gun downhill as well as engage low-flying aircraft more effectively. The suspension unit also cushions the chassis from vibrations when travelling over uneven terrain, as the bogies can be adjusted individually on-the-fly. Using the suspension system, K2 is able to elevate its main gun up to 24 degrees, which allows a curved trajectory attack at a hovering helicopter target 5 km (3.1 mi) away.
K2 Tank Maneuverability Capability

K2 Tank Maneuverability Capability

Edited version of original video by rider eyer filmed at DX Korea 2018.
Video Credit: rider eye-Aviation & Military – https://youtu.be/kHvxwInfwIU


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