Automated Load Handling System (ALHS 17)

Rheinmetall Defence is proud to announce the global launch of the Supashock Automated Load Handling System, a pioneering technical solution that enables the automated loading and unloading of containers, modules and flat racks onto military trucks both safely and efficiently from within the safe confines of a fully protected truck cabin in a combat environment. Designed and built in Australia by Supashock, an Adelaide-based automotive technology company that recently became part of Rheinmetall’s global corporate network, the concept of integrated load handling systems for military applications has been revolutionised. The 17 tonne Automated Load Handling System – or ALHS 17 – significantly minimises risk by introducing the unique capability of automated loading and unloading of ISO containers, modules and STANAG compliant flat racks of up to 17 tonnes from within a highly protected truck cabin by a single operator.

Automated Load Handling System (ALHS 17)

Automated Load Handling System (ALHS 17)

Among other features, the ALHS 17 employs cutting-edge motion technology to create an integrated load handling solution for military applications. By eliminating manual operations through the introduction of automated technology, a single individual can operate the system. The traditional loading and unloading of containers and equipment from military logistics vehicles requires the use of multiple personnel, diverting resources away from other tasks, reducing operator situational awareness, and exposing several individuals in a potentially hostile environment.

A combat situation often mandates the transportation as well as the loading or unloading of military equipment under challenging scenarios:

  • Misalignment of the vehicle and the load that is being carried by the vehicle;
  • Slopes and inclines that the vehicle may have to traverse; and
  • Conditions that include mud, sand and other debris, where no access to the bottom corner fittings may be possible.

The ALHS17 has several integral mechanical degrees of freedom that combine with a computer-assisted user interface, making the task of loading and unloading a container easy in all conditions. Also, the cycle time of loading and unloading ISO containers or modules with the ALHS 17 is considerably faster than current in-service load handling systems.

Automated Load Handling System (ALHS 17)

Automated Load Handling System (ALHS 17)


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