RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar System

RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar System

RUAG Defence, the leading Swiss technology group and partner for international armed forces, proudly launched its latest innovation the 120mm Mortar System COBRA. It comes with a pre-equipped semi-automatic loader system that can function under diverse extreme weather conditions, in day and night. Cobras possess agility, precision and effectiveness and this is reflected in RUAG’s 120mm Mortar System through latest technologies, maximum flexibility and operation simplicity. RUAG has drawn on over 40 years of experience and innovation in artillery to design the COBRA. The COBRA is a modular system configured to suit individual requirements and comes equipped with a semi-automatic loader system. The loading machine secures quick and safe loading in any situation and in the most extreme weather conditions day and night.

RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar System

RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar System

The RUAG COBRA Mortar System incorporates RUAG’s ballistic computing allowing automatic gun laying and multi-round single impact (MRSI) capabilities. The system is designed to fire any standard 120 mm ammunition including latest generation smart ammunition. The RUAG COBRA Mortar System features fully electronic drives, allowing enhanced shoot–and- scoot capabilities with consistent reliability and maximum accuracy over its effective range of 9 km. Thanks to its innovative and compact design keeps things simple for users and allows easy integration into a wide variety of vehicle types. The COBRA is available with a complete suite of quality training solutions and logistic services based on RUAG’s all-round approach to artillery.


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