INFIRNO Targeting and ISR Turret

INFIRNO Targeting and ISR Turret

INFIRNO is a high definition (HD), precision targeting and ISR sensor system that readily adapts for future missions. Applicable across ground, airborne and maritime platforms, INFIRNO features HD color and HD infrared sensors, laser designator/range finder, advanced image processing and multi-target track capabilities proven in Lockheed Martin’s Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod, Target Sight System and the Apache M-TADS/PNVS. The company also is building on its experience with modular line-replaceable unit concepts, which Lockheed did with its Sniper pod. The Sniper pod has 40 line-replaceable units that can be repaired and replaced on the flight line and has reduced the cost to the Air Force by 70 percent

INFIRNO Targeting and ISR Turret

INFIRNO Targeting and ISR Turret

Lockheed is combining the targeting capability with gyrocam systems it acquired five years ago from the US Army, which procured them for route clearance with low-end surveillance. INFIRNO’s modular components can be maintained or upgraded without removing the turret from the aircraft. This design reduces the need to replace entire systems and lowers overall lifecycle cost. Infirno packs the ability to identify and laser-designate targets and capture high-definition infrared and color video at extended ranges in a 15-inch turret.
INFIRNO Targeting and ISR Turret

INFIRNO Targeting and ISR Turret

Developed through Lockheed Martin investment, INFIRNO’s 15-inch turret features high-definition mid-wave infrared and color sensors, advanced image processing, multi-mode tracker, laser designator/rangefinder and geo-location capabilities. INFIRNO enables users to deploy laser-guided munitions and conduct long-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The new Infirno system, with reconfigurable payloads options, is designed to fit and work on aircraft, vehicles and ships, The system gives the customer “mission flexibility and significantly reduced cost of ownership. Potential candidates for Infirno include the MH-60 Romeo helicopter, the V-22 tiltrotor and other “emerging opportunities.


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