IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition

IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition

The IAI Green Dragon is an loitering munition developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries. The Green Dragon is a tactical, low-cost loitering munition designed to provide small ground units and special operations forces with significant situational awareness and firepower in a compact envelope. The drone is low cost that can loiter for 1.5 hours and a range of 40–50 km. It is munition itself with 3 kg warhead that can approach the target silently and hit with the effect of < 1m.
IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition
Stored, transported and launched from a sealed canister, as many as 12-16 Green Dragon units can be carried on a small vehicle and launched upon request. The Green Dragon is easily operated and controlled from a tablet-sized electronic control panel with a tactical low-power data link to the loitering munition. Equipped with a high-quality day/ night electro-optical guidance system, the Green Dragon can collect visual intelligence of surrounding areas up to a range of 50 km. The Green Dragon is powered by a silent electrical motor with two hours of loitering time.

IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition

IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition

This loitering munition can locate, acquire and dive on operator designated targets with a warhead of nearly 3 kg and extremely high accuracy (better than 1 m CEP). The Green Dragon operator also has a built-in “abort and go around” capability to prevent unnecessary collateral damage or mistaken targeting. In the event that no target is found, the Green Dragon can be recovered and reused, significantly lowering mission costs. The unique combination of silent operation, long operational life, long-range communication and pinpoint accuracy, coupled with secured “in canister” logistics, make the Green Dragon an ideal weapon for infantry, Special Ops and other similar users.
IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition

IAI Green Dragon Loitering Munition


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