Croatian Navy RBS-15 Anti-ship missile

Croatian Navy RBS-15 Anti-ship missile

Croatian Navy RBS-15 Anti-ship missile

Croatian Navy Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir(RTOP-12) conducts live firing of RBS-15 anti-ship missile. Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir (pennant number RTOP-12) is Kralj-class missile boat in service with the Croatian Navy. Like its sister ship Kralj Petar Krešimir IV (RTOP-11), Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir features a mixture of Western and Eastern equipment including a Swedish forward gun and anti-ship missiles as well as Russian-built propulsion and close-in weapon system (CIWS).

The RBS-15 is a primary weapon of the Croatian Navy for its five guided missile boats and three coastal systems mounted on Tatra trucks. In total, 48 Mk.I units are in service. Plans for upgrading 21 missiles to a standard incorporating elements from both the Mk.II and the Mk.III versions was cancelled in 2009 due to budget restraints but light software upgrades were continuously executed and have improved the missiles’ navigation, precision and electronic defence. Unexpectedly though, in August 2014 the Croatian government decided to send at least 20 Croatian RBS-15 missiles through an overhaul program so as to keep them operational and current for another 10 years. The missiles are to receive upgrades to increase their range to about 90–100 km as well as to improve their guidance, precision and survivability against jamming. The missiles were successfully launched and destroyed their targets in live fire naval exercises in 2015 and 2016.


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