Plasan Hyrax All Terrain Light Armored Vehicle

Plasan Hyrax All Terrain Light Armored Vehicle

Plasan Hyrax All Terrain Light Armored Vehicle

Hyrax is a new light armoured all-terrain vehicle, based on the class-leading Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen chassis. With Plasan modular armour the vehicle can be configured with EN1522 B6, B7 or Stanag Level 1 or 2 protection all around. A powerful and reliable 183HP Mercedes-Benz Turbo-Diesel V6 engine ensures that this 4.8t (GVW) 4×4 vehicle is agile and manoeuverable both on and off road. The three or five-door body can comfortably accommodate up to six fully equipped occupants through multiple seating configurations, and compliant with Mil-Std-1472G ergonomic requirements. Allowing more than 800kg payload it is sure to safely carry all of the equipment that your forces need with them for their mission. The interior is trimmed to the high standards expected of a Plasan product yet the whole package is designed for low cost of operation over the long life of this quality vehicle. Built with Plasan’s patented Kitted Hull modular architecture, Hyrax brings the battle-proven technology of tens of thousands of MRAPs and SandCats to the 4t weight category. There is no longer any reason to settle for anything less than a Plasan armoured patrol car on an industry-leading Mercedes-Benz chassis.


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