Russian Defense Ministry Peresvet combat laser system

Russian Defense Ministry Peresvet combat laser system

Russian Defense Ministry Peresvet combat laser system

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a new video of the Peresvet combat laser system already in service and deployed in the place of permanent stationing. The video features a military unit, operating at least two truck-mounted Peresvet combat laser systems, accompanied by several command and support vehicles. When deployed, the complex unfolds and exposes a cannon-like device, which is presumably the laser system. The exact purpose of the complex is still kept secret. It might be a jamming system, which can “blind” the optical electronic equipment of enemy vehicles with a laser beam, since several prototypes of such systems have been developed by the Soviet Union.

The Peresvets are the first Russian combat complexes based on new physical principles. President Vladimir Putin mentioned the Russian combat laser for the first time in his address to both houses of parliament on March 1. Named after the 13th century warrior-monk who died in battle against Mongol army, the national Russian hero. Russian Aerospace Force has accepted for service the laser complexes Peresvet and the military are now taking drills that involve the novel combat technologies. The crews assigned to the Peresvets have taken upgrader courses at the Alexander Mozhaisky Military-Space Academy in St Petersburg.


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