Roketsan Cirit Air-to-surface missile

Roketsan Cirit 	Air-to-surface missile

Roketsan Cirit Air-to-surface missile

Cirit is a laser-guided 70 mm next-generation, all-up round, laser-guided, air-to-surface missile system under production by Turkish arms industry manufacturer Roketsan. CIRIT is the primary weapon of the T-129 ATAK attack helicopter operated by the Turkish Armed Forces. It has also been integrated onto the AH-1W Cobra attack helicopter, UH-60 utility and combat helicopter, AT-802 border patrol aircraft. It has been selected by Eurocopter for execution of a test and integration program to equip the Eurocopter EC635 (Airbus Helicopters H135M). The weapon’s name comes from a traditional Turkish horseback game, Cirit (pronounced Jirit), where two teams of riders fight a mock battle using wooden javelins which are called cirit.

Cirit is a 70 mm (2.75 in) guided missile system fitted with a semi-active laser homing seeker. The seeker and guidance section is attached to a purpose-built warhead with a Class 5 Insensitive Munition (IM). The multipurpose warhead has a combined armour-piercing ammunition with enhanced behind armor anti-personnel and incendiary effects. The engine is of reduced smoke design, with IM properties. It is connected to the rear section by a roll bearing that enables it to rotate in flight. There are four small stabilising surfaces at the very rear of the missile in front of the exhaust nozzle that ensures stable flight. Roketsan has developed a new launch pod and a new canister in which Cirit is delivered as an all-up round. The Cirit has a maximum effective guided range of 8 km with a high probability of hit on a 3×3 m target at this range.

The CIRIT laser guided missile system features an aerodynamic structure. It can be fired from the standard CIRIT pod and intelligent launch pod developed by Roketsan. The intelligent pod provides two-way data communication and inventory information, which enhances the weapon’s effectiveness. The missiles can also be fired from a smart launcher with double and quad pack designs and with the MIL-STD-1553 and MIL-STD-1760 military interface. CIRIT measures 70mm in diameter and 1,900mm in length, and weighs 15kg, excluding the tube assembly. The weapon is stored in a canister and its tube assembly facilitates easy loading and unloading from the canister.