LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system

LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system

LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system

The LD2000 (LuDun-2000) is a ground-based anti-aircraft air defense weapon system designed, developed and manufactured by the NORINCO China North Industries Group Corporation (CNGC). The LD2000 is a land-based version of the Type 730 shipboard seven-barrelled 30mm close-in weapon system (CIWS). The LD-2000 is similar in concept to the Israeli and U.S. truck-based air defence systems developed from the Raytheon 20mm Phalanx CIWS. The weapon system can be used stand along to provide point air defence for high-value strategic targets against aircraft and cruise missiles, or deployed as a part of a multi-layer air defence system comprising surface-to-air missiles (SAM) and anti-aircraft artillery weapons.

The LD2000 is fitted with a big remotely controlled turret mounted at the rear of an 8×8 truck chassis. The remotely controlled 30mm cannon turret is mounted on the rear of the truck. Two ammunition boxes each hold 500 rounds of ready-use ammunition (HEAT and Discarding Sabot Armoured Piercing). One magazine would typically hold armour piercing discarding sabot and the other high explosives. The empty cartridge cases are ejected forwards out of the lower part of the mount. The seven-barrelled 30mm cannon is driven by external power, with a maximum cyclic rate of fire of 4,600~5,800 rounds/min. The cannon has a maximum range of 3,000m, but targets are typically engaged at a distance of 1,000~1,500m.

LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system

LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system

The weapon station and the shelter for the gunner operators of LD2000 are mounted to the rear of the 8×8 military truck chassis WS2400 (Chinese copy of the Russian MAZ543 missile TEL). The WS2400 is powered by a Deutz turbocharged diesel engine, developing 517 hp. produced under license in China. This truck is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. Tyre pressure can be adjusted by the driver while the vehicle is on the move. The WS2400 can run at a maximum speed of 75 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 650 km.

Six ready-to-launch TY-90 missiles are contained in box-shape launchers. TY-90 (Tiān Yàn-90 or Sky Swallow-90) is the first air-to-air missile and surface-to-air missile specifically developed for helicopters dogfights. The missile also has a 3kg HE warhead to ensure enough damage to the armour-protected attack helicopter gunships. The operation range for the missile is 300m to 6km. The AAA/SAM version of the system also features a low-altitude target search radar mounted on top of a mast located near the driving cab.

LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system

LD2000 anti-aircraft close-in weapon system


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