BTR-3DA with Shturm-M weapon system

The BTR-3DA APC is armed with a highly sophisticated BM-3M ‘Shturm-M’ weapon system. The weapon system’s combat module includes a ZTM-1 30mm cannon and a weapon pointing system. Its weapon pointing system is also supported by a digital complex, gun stabiliser and a laser rangefinder to strike targets with a high degree of precision. The ZTM-1 cannon has the capability to fire 330 rounds a minute, which is equivalent to firing five cartridges a second. The Shturm-M module further includes a 7.62mm-calibre machine gun, fully automated grenade launcher and smoke grenade dischargers. BTR-3DA is equipped with two facilities to launch anti-tank guided missiles. The missile launcher is capable of engaging enemy targets within the range of 5,000m, while the vehicle itself features an identification system to facilitate the detection of targets at longer ranges.

BTR-3DA with Shturm-M weapon system

BTR-3DA with Shturm-M weapon system

BTR-3DA is an 8×8 armoured personnel carrier (APC) developed by Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, a subsidiary of UkrOboronProm. It was also displayed to the general public at the Arms and Security defence exhibition in October 2017. The vehicle is an upgraded variant of BTR-3 APC and is primarily intended for use by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, National Guard and other government agencies. It is able to transport troops to the battlefield and provide fire support during the combat. The APC originally entered service with the Ukraine Army in November 2015. The BTR-3DA APC is powered by a Deutz BF6M 1015CPwater cooled V-type diesel engine with six cylinders, which is coupled to a 3200SP Allison transmission.
BTR-3DA with Shturm-M weapon system

BTR-3DA with Shturm-M weapon system


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