Eurosatory 2018 : Yugoimport from Serbia presents latest technologies of military equipment

At Eurosatory 2018, the International Defense Exhibition in Paris, Serbian State Defense Company Yugoimport SDPR presents its latest technologies and innovations about electronic warfare systems, small arms, weapon stations, ammunition, ground radar, individual equipment and unmanned aerial/ground drones. Today Yugoimport has a successful several decades long history of trading in armaments, defense equipment and technology transfers.
The basic activity of the state company Yugoimport SDPR from the very date of the establishment of the same onward has been and still is trade in armaments and defense equipment (ADE) including both export and import of ADE, services of overhaul and modernization of ADE, training and education of personnel, as well as complex fields of cooperation-first of all transfer of defense technologies, capital investments in defense infratructure, joint development, cooperation in production, etc.
In the field of radar, Yugoimport has developed the PR-15, a man-portable ground surveillance radar that provides long detection ranges transmitting low peak power. This solid-state, Pulse-Doppler radar, automatically detects moving targets out to 23 kilometers. Fixed target cancellation, subclutter detection and inbound/outbound indication are achieved by range-Doppler processing using FFT. Low transmitting power, LPI capabilities and some ability of adaptation to radar environment are achieved by utilizing advanced pulse compression techniques including mismatching and waveform agility. Classification and target activity analysis are accomplished by using time-Doppler analysis combined with pattern recognition techniques.
Yugoimport–SDPR (Jugoimport–SDPR) is a Serbian state-owned intermediary company for the import and export of defense-related equipment, with the headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. The company was founded in 1949 in what was then Yugoslavia, for the needs of the Yugoslav defense industry.Today the company represents the Government and military industrial complex of Serbia in the sphere of importation and exportation cooperation of defense equipment and related services. Company works together with the Serbian Army, Military Technical Institute Belgrade and many private companies in Serbia and around the world in developing new weapons and systems. The company also provides weapons design, consulting, construction and engineering services. SDPR opened new “Complex Battle System” factory in Velika Plana, Serbia for producing combat vehicles.
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Eurosatory 2018 : Yugoimport from Serbia presents latest technologies of military equipment

Eurosatory 2018 : Yugoimport from Serbia presents latest technologies of military equipment


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