AM General Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT)

The Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT) was designed to allow customers to configure payload modules customized to their specific needs. The MPT is a commercial base 4×4 platform chassis truck (cab and chassis) with 8,391kg (18,500lbs) GVW and 2,359kg (5,200lbs) payload capacity engineered to serve the extreme-environment needs of energy, mining, industrial, and government customers around the world.
The MPT is engineered and designed based on existing and test-proven AM General components, Off-the-Shelf (OTS) AM General items, Commercial OTS (COTS) items from other commercial vehicles and Military COTS (M-COTS) items. The MPT was designed to allow customers to configure payload modules based on their needs. The Cab & Chassis Base Platform is the base vehicle configuration. MPT modules can be developed by the purchasing country’s engineering experts or, if needed, by AM General engineers. By making it commercially available, customers do not have to go through the Us government’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme, but can receive the chassis, where AM General then uses a local supply chain to build up a truck, upon customer specification.
Open base chassis designed to accept variety of special purpose bodies/modules including: ambulance, wrecker, crew transport, flatbed transport, communication, cargo carrying, and tactical configuration. Solid state modules used for circuit protection instead of traditional circuit breakers and relays, providing control over electrical loads with software and providing enhanced fault detection diagnostics. Modules can include several applicable configurations utilising a 2-man cab. Other variants include the 2-man w/ Flat Bed, 2+6 Personnel Carrier, 4-man Base w/ Cargo box, and 9-Crew Capacity Vehicle.

AM General Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT)

AM General Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT)

AM General LLC has a strong legacy of designing, manufacturing and supporting iconic, high-quality military, commercial and consumer vehicles, an experience born from our ability to respond to customer needs in a world of constant technological innovation. With more than a century in operation, these consistent threads have stood the test of time: talented, motivated people; leading-edge engineering; high-quality products, on-time production; a full range of technical and logistical support; a strong supplier base and the flexibility to meet changing customer requirements.
AM General has the only full-scale contract assembly facility in the United States with ample capacity to serve as the production partner for yet another OEM. AM General military business is expanding with increased international sales of HMMWVs and the need to modernize and maintain more than 160,000 HMMWVs still employed by the U.S. armed forces, including the National Guard. AM General has the experienced management team, adaptable workforce and nimble business model to take full advantage of these and other opportunities ahead.
AM General Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT)

AM General Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT)


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