EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EXPAL’s EIMOS system, which has been in service since 2015, is the natural evolution of the conventional 81/60 mm mortar system. The EIMOS system mounts an 81 mm mortar (interchangeable with 60 mm) on a light 4×4 vehicle, providing mobility, greater safety by reducing maneuvering time, and efficiency by integrating a ballistic computer, an automatic aiming system and a command and control system. The combination of a long-range mortar and a 4×4 high mobility lightweight vehicle results in a weapon system with firepower and mobility suited to support the units in nowadays missions, where responsiveness and mobility are crucial.

EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

The modernization carried out in the new configuration of the system has brought improved accuracy and effectiveness in aiming, faster deployment (less than 20 seconds), and navigation without the need for GPS. Furthermore, the company has put a lot of effort into bolstering the systems and equipment, extending their working life, increasing their maintainability and reducing the cost of their life cycle.” Its hydro-pneumatic recoil absorption system transmits only a small fraction to the vehicle, thus ensuring safe firing for the crew, with a very low impact on mechanics and without the need for additional stabilizers.
EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

The EIMOS system is part of EXPAL’s one-stop shop solution, covering all needs in indirect fire support missions in infantry operations. This solution is rounded off with: mortar systems (60 mm, 81 mm, 120 mm), the fire control system (TECHFIRE), the advanced observation device in the form of mini UAVs (SHEPHERD-MIL), and the mortar unit tactical training simulator (eSIMOX).
EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EIMOS is a tested system with the capacity, versatility, and technology necessary to fulfill the priority operative requirements in current and future scenarios, at a reasonable cost and easy maintenance, due most of its components can be easily considered as army equipment, supported by its current logistic chain. The EIMOS System can also be adapted to the customer needs and final requirements while facilitating integration with legacy systems, such vehicles, communications means or other command and control systems.


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