Securing The Skies With The Safran Patroller

While Eurosatory typically focuses on land platforms, UAVs still have a significant presence at the event.
Beth Maundrill, Senior Reporter at Shephard, talks though some of the key capabilities of the Safran Patroller and its schedule for delivery to the French Army.
The Patroller system may set itself apart with its superior flight autonomy of over 20 hours, but it also meets all of your other operational requirements (discretion, ease of implementation, robustness, tactical utility and ease of integration into airport and aerial traffic). Its modularity and open architecture offer a completely scalable system. The Patroller’s composite structure is EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certified. Very robust, it is equipped with reinforced retractable landing gear that enable it to take off and land automatically using short runways. This multi-sensor drone has a low radar, heat, and noise signature thanks to its nearly silent engine. Lastly, to maintain its high level of availability, Safran Electronics & Defense offers a global support service that includes training programs and tools for diagnostics, operational simulations and training.
To read more from Eurosatory 2018, visit:

Securing The Skies With The Safran Patroller

Securing The Skies With The Safran Patroller


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