Excalibur Army BM-21 MT 4×4 MRLS

The Czech company Excalibur army presents its newest version of the BM-21 Grad Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). The BM-21 MT is an upgraded project of the originial 122mm BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system. It is a firing support means for the ground troops, designed for the focused carpet destruction of the enemy’s position, their resources, human forces, firing devices, motorized infantry arrangements, combat vehicles and tanks within a distance of 1,600 to 20,380m.
The main goal of the upgrade was to streamline the firing, its accuracy, shorten the preparatory time needed to start firing and leaving the firing position. The main emphasis was laid to automate and simplify operations related to the launch and control of effective fire-mission, resulting in a fully autonomous system capable of immediate reaction without the need for organic integration within firing units with separate firing elements.
The MLRS ( Multiple Launcher Rocket System) is based on the new TATRA T 815-7T3R2T 4×4 .1R chassis of well-proven TATRA FORCE T 815-7 heavy off-road truck, featuring perfect terrain crossability, high speed even in rough terrain condition, low operation cost and high reliability while providing the driver and launcher operators with high driving comfort.
The BM-21 MT is powered by a air-cooled four stroke supercharged V-8 producing 270kW. The BM-21 MT can fire all its 40 122mm rockets within 20 seconds. It has a gross weight of 14,850kg (including 40 rockets). The BM-21 MT 4×4 multiple launch rocket system was first publicly revealed in 2017 at the IDET 2017.

Excalibur Army BM-21 MT 4×4 MRLS

Excalibur Army BM-21 MT 4×4 MRLS


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