AccuLAR-122 Artillery Rocket

Israel Military Industries (IMI), unveiled the AccuLAR-122, a derivative of the 160mm AccuLAR-160, with LAR standing for “light artillery rocket” in both cases. The ACCULAR system was developed in response to the needs of special forces who may operate beyond the range of traditional artillery fire support. The system is a 122mm rocket with a 44-pound penetration or controlled fragmentation warhead. In service in IDF, under the name Romach, with dedicated M270 MLRS launchers. Each launcher can fire 18 rockets within a minute. IMI, owned by the Israeli government, has also developed the C-LYNX – a designated lightweight dedicated launcher capable of carrying up to eight ACCULAR rockets that can be delivered by a C-130 Hercules or similar aircraft. The C-LYNX launcher, equipped with advanced navigation and command-and-control systems, can operate autonomously.
Developed by IMI Systems the Accular 122mm is a unique rocket of its kind in the world rocket which is in operational use by the IDF’s Artillery Corps. Designed to neutralize a number of targets on the battlefield and provide close assistance to the combat forces for short firing ranges, the relative advantage of the Accular 122mm lies in its high operational availability, simple operation and ability to attack in any weather. The high accuracy of the rocket stems from the unique technologies developed by IMI Systems in recent years of which turn the Accular 122mm system to a significant multiplier of strength for the IDF and the Artillery Corps.

AccuLAR-122 Artillery Rocket

AccuLAR-122 Artillery Rocket

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