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Sandcat Stormer Spike ER MLS


Sandcat Stormer Spike ER MLS

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Sandcat Stormer spike ER MLS
Sandcat Stormer spike ER MLS

The SandCat’s ability to carry heavy weapons and guided missiles such as the Spike ER make it a serious combat tool for critical missions. Its high maneuverability and protection let you get close enough to the target to fire these precision missiles with devastating accuracy and to retreat before the target has even established where you are. SandCat, takes you to your mission, and brings you safely home.
The Sand Cat ( Plasan Caracal) is a composite armored vehicle designed by Plasan of Israel. It is based on a commercial Ford F-Series chassis shortened to a 2.84 m (112 in) wheelbase by Manning Equipment of Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Originally designed as a potential replacement for the AIL Storm jeeps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), they have since developed numerous versions of the vehicle from 4 to 6 tons to transport up to 8 soldiers. The new Sand Cat Stormer featuring more ballistic resistance and new advanced technologies will be produced by IBN Industrias Militares/ IBN Military Industries (INBRA USA INC) in 2016.
Spike is an Israeli fourth-generation man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile and anti-personnel missile with a tandem-charge HEAT warhead. It was developed and designed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Extended range or extra-long range version of the weapon. It was formerly also known as the NT-Dandy or NT-D. It has a minimum range of 400 m and a maximum range of 8,000 m (5.0 mi).[23] It has a larger diameter and is heavier than the other systems, and is usually vehicle mounted. It is used by infantry, Light Combat Vehicle (LCVs), and helicopters. The weight of the missile is 34 kg (74 lb 15 oz), the launchers are 30 kg (66 lb 2 oz) and 55 kg (121 lb 4 oz) respectively for the vehicle and air-launched versions. Penetration is around 1,000 mm (39 in) of RHA.

Sandcat Stormer spike ER MLS
Sandcat Stormer spike ER MLS

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