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SOFIC 2018 Special Operations Capabilities Demonstration


SOFIC 2018 Special Operations Capabilities Demonstration

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SOFIC 2018 Special Operations Capabilities Demonstration
SOFIC 2018 Special Operations Capabilities Demonstration

Special Operations Forces, also known as SOF, from the U.S. and 7 countries conducted a scenario-based demonstration in the area surrounding the Tampa Convention Center in order to demonstrate the capabilities of multinational SOF cooperation. These teams were comprised of officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned officers from Colombia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Singapore, and the United States. In addition to being a combined international task force, the team is an interagency effort as it also includes personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The following events were executed during the demo:

• First, maritime forces were inserted to key positions via a Combat Rubber Raiding Craft and an MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.
• Next, a section of MH-6 Little Bird helicopters inserted a support-by-fire team and a sniper team to lookout positions where they could observe the objective area.
• Near simultaneously, elements assaulted the yacht StarShip via sea and air. sub-surface swim elements will engage enemy sentries near the terrorist camp at the village, while another swim element boards the yacht from the stern. At the same time an MH-60 Black Hawk inserts a helicopter assault force via fastrope onto the deck of the yacht. The teams worked together to gain control of the ship and search for the hostage.
• Next, a Ground Assault Force moved along the bridge from Harbour Island and eliminate an enemy checkpoint located in front of the Tampa Convention Center.
• At the same time, a boat Assault Force conducted an attack on the enemy camp in the village using two Special Operations Crafts – Riverine to rescue the hostage. The village is located on the Convention Center grounds near the Sail Pavilion, between the Tampa Convention Center and the bridge to Harbour Island.
• Finally, once all elements withdrew from their targets, a military free-fall parachute team jumped from an MC-130 Combat Talon aircraft at 8,000 feet and land in the water.

Keep in mind that everything demonstrated in the video would normally be conducted late at night, under cover of darkness, to maximize the element of surprise. Additionally, This is a demonstration of shared capabilities and the interoperability of US and partner nation special operations forces. This is not a demonstration of actual special operations tactics, techniques and procedures.

SOFIC 2018 Special Operations Capabilities Demonstration
SOFIC 2018 Special Operations Capabilities Demonstration

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