ZH-1100 Mach II OB Patrol – Zodiac Milpro official

Considered the finest craft of their type in the world, the Zodiac Hurricane range of RIBs are used by the most knowledgeable and discriminating operators who demand the utmost in ruggedness and reliability. RIBs combine the security, stability, light weight and ease of use of traditional inflatables with the speed and comfort of a rigid boat. True “go anywhere” boats, they provide exceptional marine qualities combining a low centre of gravity to a deep V hull and a stabilizing buoyancy tube.
All Hurricane models have removable collars, for ease of maintenance, transport and store as well as the capability of interchanging with DuraRIB foam collars.
Zodiac Hurricane has been supplying high speed outboard powered RIBS since the early 1990’s.
The Zodiac Hurricane MACH II (Military Air Channeled Hull II) was created to offer a high speed fully versatile boat that is at ease in all activities and all sea conditions.
The patented MACH hull design reduces resistance and enhances directional stability for increased speed, fuel economy and safety.
The MACH II hull design is available with inflatable or Durarib foam collar. These features combine to provide superior seaworthiness, shock mitigation, stability and maneuverability required to operate reliably and effectively in extreme conditions.

ZH-1100 Mach II OB Patrol - Zodiac Milpro official

ZH-1100 Mach II OB Patrol – Zodiac Milpro official


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