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ST Kinetics’ ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment)


ST Kinetics’ ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment)

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ST Kinetics’ ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment)
ST Kinetics’ ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment)

The warfighter plays an increasingly important role in a battlefield that is digitally connected in the future. By providing him with increased protection, convenience and connectivity, his capabilities are enhanced as part of a force-multiplier effect. ST Kinetics offers a range of soldier systems that range from lightweight armour to energy systems that convert a soldier’s walking motion into electrical energy. Introducing ST Kinetics’ ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment) system that is specifically designed to address the challenges of the modern battlefield.

The ARIELEâ„¢ (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment) system addresses the challenges of warfighters in the modern battlefield. Four main systems are available.
Clothing & Protection Equipment
Sensors & Individual Equipment
Power & Energy Management System
Medtech & Human Augmentation System
To achieve the highest standards of quality and customer assurance, all our products are subject to stringent quality testing to verify performance and safety.
The ARIELEâ„¢ Soldier System is made up of various components that provides superior protection and longer-lasting energy supply for extended mission endurance and improved situational awareness.

Shielded Advanced Eyewear System (SHADES)
An Intelligent Head-Up Display (HUD) system provides real-time Augmented Reality (AR) information to the soldier for improved situational awareness, wireless command & control over unmanned systems and weapon stations, intuitive communication & coordination, navigation, as well as identification & tracking of both friendly and enemy forces.
SHADES also features integration with advanced Brain Computer Interface (BCI) control algorithms for the deployment of forward sensors for area surveillance inside built-up areas. This capability allows the soldier to receive real-time “Head-Up” information of what lies ahead, while maintaining “eyes-out” on the immediate reality around themselves to remain vigilant, and have their “hands-on-trigger” at all times to be prepared to respond to any threat.

Soldier Enhanced Sensing Equipment (SENSE)
SENSE is a holistic and non-intrusive vital signs monitoring and alert system to enhance soldier training effectiveness whilst minimising exhaustion related injuries.

Personal Reinforced Outer Tactical Equipment Carrier (PROTEC)
Designed for tropical and hot climates, the PROTEC is a lightweight, modular and scalable load bearing vest which allows the soldier to optimise load distribution and adjust the carriage capacity for superior comfort and mobility. PROTEC’s flexible configuration allows the soldier to adapt to different threat levels, excessive heat conditions and the operating environment to suit any mission profile.

Garment Engineered by Advanced Research (GEAR)
GEAR is a combat-effective clothing system suitable for different operational needs. It is designed for soldier comfort through the use of durable yet lightweight and breathable materials suitable for tropical and hot climates.

Personal Lightweight Armour Technology (PLATE)
PLATE body armour is of a lightweight and ergonomic construction that protects the soldier against operational threats without compromising movement and endurance. There is a larger effective area protecting vital organs of the soldier, and a lighter weight and lower profile as compared to conventional plates.

Adaptive Real-Time Core Temperature Intelligent Cooler (ARCTIC)
Combining a modular active-cooling vest integrated system and a passive-cooling uniform to enhance the efficiency of heat extraction from the body, ARCTIC has a synergetic cooling effect from the active and passive cooling modules which can achieve up to 15% reduction in a body temperature of 40°C.
The active cooling module comprises of an intelligent self-adjusting system for optimal wearer comfort and efficient energy usage, while its passive cooling fabric-integrated module provides regenerative multi-modal cooling.

Pouches and Carriage Kit (PACK)
An extensive range of personal carriage kit including standard ammunition & equipment pouches and packs, the PACK frame has been ergonomically designed to flex and move in sync with wearer’s back to reduce the risk of injury.

Semi-Passive Exoskeleton for Load Carriage (Exosuit)
The Exosuit is a semi-passive exoskeleton designed for improved soldier performance and endurance to support carriage of heavy loads. It enhances endurance and reduces likelihood of injury by supporting up to 80% of the soldier’s load.

PoEMS – Enhanced Wireless Charger
The Enhanced Wireless Charger (EWC) incorporates state-of-the-art wireless charging technology in a lightweight and low profile package. The specially designed electronics enable industry leading spatial freedom during operation.

Power & Energy Management System (PoEMS) – Smart Power Manager
A comprehensive power and energy management system that uses a Smart Power Manager as the power and data distribution hub. In combination with ARIELE’s POWER fuel cell, it provides a high performance, reliable and compact power management system.

Portable Watt-Hr for Extended Range (POWER)
The POWER fuel cell system is an extremely energy dense, safe, portable and lightweight system that can be used to extend mission endurance for soldiers or increase mileage for unmanned systems.

ST Kinetics' ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment)
ST Kinetics’ ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment)

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