UVision Hero Loitering Munition

As UAV technology continues to progress, a new category of drones has developed called a loitering munition. It has the capacity to fly over an area for hours on end, scanning the ground below with it’s sensors and reporting the data in real time to its operator. When a target is selected, the UAV reorients itself to collide into the target and self-destruct with the help of an explosive. As such disposable systems are easy to use and have a light tactical footprint. Further explanation is in the video by UVision of Israel.

A loitering munition (also known as a suicide drone or kamikaze drone) is a weapon system category in which the munition loiters around the target area for some time, searches for targets, and attacks once a target is located. Loitering munitions enable faster reaction times against concealed or hidden targets that emerge for short periods without placing high-value platforms close to the target area, and also allow more selective targeting as the actual attack mission can be aborted.

Suitable for deployment from air, land and sea, HERO features high-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering, depending on the tactical or strategic needs of the mission. Automated flight to target areas allow user-friendly control; final targets are visually selected ensuring full mission control. UVision’s solutions incorporate advanced airborne guidance, a unique cruciform configuration, navigation systems, abort and recovery capabilities, embedded simulators and C4 stations fully integrated with high-speed data links.

Comprehensive operational range ‒ from 5km short-range tactical strikes to 250km long-range strategic operations. Multiple launcher options – compact pneumatic launcher with low thermal and acoustic signature, as well as rail or multi-tube canister launcher enabling several launches in quick succession. The unique aerodynamic cruciform design delivers high precision terminal engagement accuracy against static and moving targets or targets in confined urban environments, thus reducing collateral damage.

UVision Hero Loitering Munition

UVision Hero Loitering Munition


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