ZALA 421-16E2 Unmanned Reconnaissance

ZALA 421-16E2 Unmanned Reconnaissance

Kalashnikov group presents new tactical operational air monitoring complex ZALA 421-16E2 at the “Army 2017” international military forum. This UAV is designed for day/night reconnaissance with the live video stream at range up to 35 km.
Kalashnikov Group, which is incorporated in the State Corporation Rostec, has launched the mass production of sophisticated Russian unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle, the ZALA 421-16E2, manufactured by ZALA AERO (integrated into the Kalashnikov Group).The ZALA 421-16Е2 has no analogues in Russia and in the whole world. It provides unique functions, reliable and easy operation and a silent mode, which is so important for defense and security agencies.
One of the fundamental features of the ZALA 421-16Е2 is the low weight (within 7.5 kg). Even though the weight is so low, the unmanned aircraft payload includes a daytime camera equipped with a 60x optical zoom and a 10x magnification thermal surveillance device. The UAV can transmit video information in complex weather conditions within a distance of no less than 30 km and the radius of its control is no less than 50 km.
New unmanned aircraft is capable of staying in the air for 4 hours. It is manually launched without the help of a catapult.

Safe landing of both ZALA 421-16Е2 and ZALA 421-16Е is ensured by a built-in parachute and an air shock absorber that minimize risks of damage during landing. Communication between the UAVs is established by retransmission which provides wide range of the ZALA 421-16Е2 applications. The system acts as the link that serves for overall coordination and control over the land units and robotic systems, for conducting the OTH surveillance and reconnaissance.
Built-in inertial system, electronic telemeter and self-checking sensors provide the drone with full autonomy from GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation system and guarantee the accomplishment of tasks.
A camera with 60x optical zoom and a thermal imaging device with 10-fold optical scope allow for the transmission of data, with a range of 30-50km, even in harsh and complex weather conditions making the system ideal for intelligence and reconnaissance missions.
First deliveries of the unit are expected in Spring 2017, following two years of design, development and testing.
The Zala Aero Group has sold over 2,000 ZALA UAV units to both military and civilian operators, with more than 30 orders for special purposes by the Russian Interior Ministry and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.


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