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MSM GROUP 125 mm Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer APFSDS-T TAPNA


MSM GROUP 125 mm Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer APFSDS-T TAPNA

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125 mm Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer APFSDS-T (TAPNA) is divided sub-caliber armor piercing round designed for a 125 mm smoothbore gun integrated in T-72 and T-8O UD MBT series. The round consists of a sub-caliber projectile in a combustible case and semi-combustible main propellant charge.
Armor piercing is 550 mm of RHA at the distance of 2.000 m. The sub-caliber projectile consists of a tungsten penetrator fitted with an aluminum fin assembly with a tracer element in the rear and three discarding sabots also made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The projectile combustible case is filled with an increment single base propellant. Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabots Tracer roundis divided sub-caliber armor piercing round intended for destroying armored targets, such as tanks or other armored vehicles.

Armour piercing is max.The armor piercing penetrator is made from tungsten alloy, equipped with fin stabilizer with tracer. The projectile is embedded in combustible case with powder charge. The cartridge is semi-combustible and consists of sealing steel cartridge case, combustible case and powder charge. It is initiated by priming screw with mechanical or electrical ignition. The semi-combustible main propellant charge consists of combustible mantle, steel stub cartridge case base, double base powder, GUV-7 primer screw. TAPNA fits standard auto-loaders of T-72 types of Main Battle Tank (MBT).


1. Tip, 2. Penetrator, 3. Sabot, 4. Driving band, 5. Sealing ring, 6. Powder charge, 7. Combustible case, 8. Fin stabilizer, 9. Tracer,10. Flame damper, 11. Base powder, 12. Combustible case, 13. Seali-ng case, 14. Ignater, 15. Priming screw

MSM GROUP Ltd. was established by transformation of MSM Martin Ltd., which dealt with construction, development, production and sales mainly with military material. MSM Martin Ltd. in the last few years took over several military companies located in the middle of Slovakia, and built on its traditional manufacturing activities in military and civil production. Due to ZVS inclusion into the group structure the company can state that the origin of MSM GROUP Ltd. comes back to 1927 when then Škoda Works in Plze?, as a monopoly producer of ammunition decided to build so called „spare factory“ in Slovakia. The company was totally destroyed during the World War II, and it took several years while the production was restored to such extend, that its products were supplied not only for
the Ministry of National Defence, but for many countries worldwide as well. Today the MSM GROUP Ltd. makes use of rich experiences from the past and knowhow of highly qualified workers and vast archive of technical documentation for all necessary procedures. In 2009 the biggest Czech military holding CSG (CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP) entered MSM as a co-owner.

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