Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG)

Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG) is a specialized boarding team in the Canadian Navy there enforce Maritime Interdictions. The Maritime Tactical Operators are trained in advanced tactics such as: Tactical shootings, Close Quarter Battle, Close Quarter Combat and IED-Identification.

Their training and operational level is quite the same as in the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. But the unit is not a Canadian version of U.S Navy SEALs, Force Recon or any other Naval Special Warfare unit. The unit would by now, not be tasked with beach infiltrations and deployments from the water to land as we know it from Maritime Special Operations Forces.

The unit is a development project from the former boarding parties in the Canadian Navy, but it’s also known that the Canadian Navy never before has had their own special forces or a unit in the Canadian Special Operations Command. So with the further development of the unit, then it maybe in the future become Canada’s first Maritime Special Operations Force.

Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG)

Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG)


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