Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)

The Canadian Special Operations Regiment is a battalion-sized, high-readiness special operations unit part of Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. CSOR is capable of conducting and enabling a broad range of missions, including direct action, defence diplomacy, military assistance, and special reconnaissance.

The regiment has maintained a presence in Afghanistan since 2006, in support of the Canadian and coalition forces in the southern province of Kandahar.


The regiment also works with international partners, and assist in the training of the Jamaican Defence Force counter-terrorism assault team, Belize’s special forces and the Belize Special Assignment Group.

Members of the regiment are currently serving as part of Canada’s commitment to anti-ISIL operation, serving in advisory roles, forward air-controllers and in counter-sniper/mortar roles.

Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)
Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)

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