SAAB Airborne Surveillance System

For eighty years, Saab has been working alongside armed forces from around the world to improve national security as well as specific defence capabilities. A large part of that commitment has revolved around support of various systems, products or equipment.
As airborne surveillance is often regarded as a national asset to reinforce territorial integrity and national security, effective support solutions are vital for assuring long term system availability and successful operations.
Today Saab commitment and support offering is expanding into the provision of total support solutions as part of an overall availability concept with fully customized support solutions designed to provide optimum operational capability. Saab offer support services related to systems integration, maintenance, ILS and technical support. Our services are based on comprehensive knowledge of how to optimize the resources available for supported material or systems to ensure reliable operation throughout their entire life-cycle.
Supported by the experience and expertise of Saab’s original AEW&C design and maintenance teams, which have direct access to Saab’s knowhow and spiral development, our support solutions are cost-efficient and will ensure the operational excellence of your AEW&C system.
The pre-defined support packages have a built-in scalability that makes it possible to tailor the support solution to your exact needs. The content of the support and services included in the package can be adjusted upwards or downwards from one agreed support period to another, depending on your support needs over time.

SAAB Airborne Surveillance System

SAAB Airborne Surveillance System


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