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Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Namer is a heavily armoured infantry fighting vehicle based on the chassis of the Merkava 4 main battle tank of Israel. The Namer was developed by the Israeli Ordnance Corps and was first acquired by the Golani Brigade of the IDF in summer 2008. The brigade used two Namer vehicles in the war in Gaza. The IDF plans to deploy about 250 Namer armoured IFVs by developing support variants and replace the M-113 APC vehicles. Also called Tiger or Leopard, it is one of the most highly protected armoured personnel carriers (APC) in the world. Developed in 2008, the Namer armoured vehicle is a major element of the Israel Defence Force (IDF) modernisation plan.
Namer is based on the turret-less Merkava 4 chassis, which has sloped hybrid armour to protect the fighting compartment. It has a remotely operated weapon station and multiple smoke canisters are embedded within the armour. The vehicle has two hatches on the hull roof for use by the commander and gunner, and a rear ramp for use by troops.
Namer can carry up to 12 including the crew, a stretcher and medical equipment as attachments. The vehicle is equipped with advanced defensive systems, missile launchers, machine guns, reconnaissance equipment for day and night vision and an internal air-conditioning unit. The doors and ramps are redesigned for efficient offload of soldiers and equipment and easy stretcher handling.
Namer is equipped with automatic fire suppression systems, and nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection. The vehicle offers protection level equal to that of the Merkava 4. Rafael’s Trophy active protection modules, also called ASPRO-A, cover the sides of the vehicle.
Vehicle is armed with remotely controlled weapon station, fitted with 12.7-mm machine gun, which can be replaced with 40-mm grenade launcher. There is also a manually-operated 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted on top of the roof. Vehicle is fitted with new battlefield management system.
Namer is fitted with modular armor and Trophy active protection system. For the first time active protection system is used as an integral element. Vehicle is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. The Namer offers the same protection level as the Merkava Mk.4.
Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle is one of the most protected APCs in the world. It provides infantry with the level of protection and mobility matching those of the latest main battle tanks. A first batch of production vehicles was delivered in 2008. By 2017 Israel plans to acquire a total of 170 Namer heavy armored personnel carriers. Originally 386 vehicles were planned however later this number was reduced due to budget cuts.

Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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