The U.S. Army’s New Modular Handgun M17 Pistol

U.S. Army Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division test fire the M17 pistol at a target range. The M17 Modular Handgun System replaces the M9 pistol, the standard Army sidearm since 1986. The M-17 is a Military version of the SIG Sauer P320 pistol. The new handgun has an external safety, self-illuminating sights for low-light conditions, an integrated rail for attaching enablers and an Army standard suppressor conversion kit to attach an acoustic/flash suppressor. There is also an M18 version which is a compact version of the M17. These Soldiers are among the first to fire the Army’s new handgun. Sig Sauer beat out Glock for the $580 million contract to produce the weapons after winning the Army and Air Force modular handgun competition. Filmed at Fort Campbell on November 27 and December 5, 2017.
Film Credits: SSG Jesse Anderla
The U.S. Army's New Modular Handgun M17 Pistol
The U.S. Army’s New Modular Handgun M17 Pistol

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